Does Your Company Need a Website?

Does Your Company Need a Website?

I participated in a conversation on Alignable recently, where someone asked “Do you really need a website these days?”.  The crux of the question was, now with all of the social media platforms that are available, especially with many of them being free, why would you pay for a website?  In two simple words, I would say “Control” and “Flexibility”.  Please allow me to explain.

As one person pointed out, information and marketing placed on social media is on “rented” space.  In other words, we never know which social media platforms will be around tomorrow (goodbye MySpace), or which new ones may appear.  Some of these platforms may not be visited by your core customer group.  Others may not present your products in the most favorable way, or allow you a desired level of tracking.  In the end, owning a company website allows you to have control over what is said, how it is said, the presentation of the information, and who it is targeted towards.  You have control over the details and the presentation.

Another aspect of control is the domain name itself.  Even without knowing a company’s website address, based on the name of the company, people can infer them.  Kellogg’s site is  Ford’s site is  These examples are ubiquitous company’s with easy to derive websites.  However, imaging if Ford had not claimed their web domain, and another individual or company did.  Furthermore, imagine if, under that web domain, the owner disparaged the company?  Owning your company’s domain allows you to control your organization’s digital appearance, instead of others doing so for you.

The second advantage is flexibility.  Anyone who has created a business page on Facebook, for example, knows that they are locked into one format, and you must work within those confines.  Creating a company webpage allows you to express your organization’s “life” in a way that fits your culture.  Color schemes, page layout, site navigation, and every other feature are now able to be edited.  This allows each company’s site to be unique, instead of locked within one template.  Your company is an individual, so why shouldn’t your site reflect that?

I could continue listing the reasons, but these two should, in and of themselves, explain why it is critical to claim your domain.  A company’s website can sometimes be a potential customer’s first experience with that company.  Remember the old adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”?  Make sure that potential customer’s always have a great first impression of your company through your website.

Let’s talk today about creating your company’s image.

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